Mountain Guide-Guida Alpina Tonale

If you can imagine yourself able to surf the snow wave and live moments of pure freedom in the outdoor expanse of the high mountains, then we're ready to prepare and teach you in the art. The first step is to see your technique and to understand how much balance you have.
To do this you can first taste the basics of off-piste in zones that are more comfortable for your level and then reach with snow shoes an immaculate descent at around 3000 m and thus enter the world of Alpine/snowboarding escapades accompanied by an Alpine Guide Snowboard Instructor who is equipped with the awareness and knowledge of the rules of prevention of change in mountains areas (ARVA etc.).
After utilising all of this we will be ready to confront an unforgettable descent far away from everything. If you already have experience of freeride there are endless possibilities for amazing, breathless descent in theAdamello-Presanella mountain range, wherever the snow permits.

A typical base programme course consists of 3 hrs everyday with an entire days escursion off-piste during the week. Cost all-inclusive is 240euro p.p. Minimum 3 people per group maximum 7.

The top-level course, for those who already know off-piste, consists in every morning from Monday to Friday with one complete day excursion during the week, for 340euro. During the course we will be taking videos of participants to ascertain a better understanding of the correct technique to be used and how to improve. Also, and not least, to remember our adventure and experiences.

Info: 348 9129723

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